God Murugan


Lord Murugan

கந்தசஷ்டி கவசம் :

  • துதிப்போர்க்கு வல்வினைபோம், துன்பம் போம்.
  • நெஞ்சில் பதிப்போர்க்குச் செல்வம் பலித்துக் கதித்து ஓங்கும்
  • நிஷ்டையும் கைகூடும்.
  • நிமலர் அருள் கந்தர் சஷ்டி கவசந் தனை.


Lord Muruga had just been outsmarted by his brother Ganesa in a contest for going who around the world first and He was still smarting over the matter. Ganapati had won the fruit (the yhana-pazham) by simply going around his parents. Long after this, Subrahmanya came seating on his peacock to find that the fruit had already been given away. In anger, He consecrated to leave his home and family and came down to Tiru Aavinankudi at the Adivaaram (meaning 'foot of the Sivagiri Hill'). Siva pacified him by saying that Subrahmanya Himself was the fruit (pazham) of all wisdom and knowledge. Hence the place was called Pazham-nee ('You are the fruit') or Palani. Later He withdrew to the hill and settled there as a hermit in peace and solitude.

Lord Muruga, in His aspect as Lord SubramanyaSwami, stands for repudiation. Shunning all wordly possessions, the only apparel He has chosen to retain is a breechcloth . But His bhaktars never tire of offering Him costly garments and enriching His wardrobe with luxurious royal clothes which are used to adorn Him when His devotees yearn to see the Lord in the vesture of a King. For indeed, His state is that of a Swami or self-governing Lord.

It is also claimed by many that the materials of abhishegam like milk, sandalpaste, etc., attain medicative properties on being decanted over Lord Palaniandavars idol and they have healed many diseases, when taken by the patients.

“தமிழனுக்கு முப்பாட்டன் முருகன் தான்”

“முப்பாட்டன் எங்களுக்கு தலைவன் தான்”